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I am going to be introducing Two of The Best Turmeric Supplements that is available out here, but let me get into some of the facts about this awesome product.

Turmeric is a flowered source of the Ginger family, the roots are used in cooking delicious healthy dishes. The plant is native to India and southeastern Asia and requires temperatures between 20 and 30 °C (68 and 86 °F) with a considerable amount of anual rainfall to thrive. Plants are gathered each year for their rhizomes (underground root stems), to be used for consumption and its healthy benefits.

When not used fresh, the rhizomes are boiled in water, then dried in hot ovens. After they are grounded into a deep orange, yellow powder. It is commonly used as a coloring and flavoring agent in many Asian and Indian cuisines, especially for curry dishes.

It is also used as a supplement for many medicinal usages by placing the powder into a veggie capsule or of course incorporated into your food. Turmeric powder has a warm, bitter, black peppered like flavor and earthy, mustard like Aroma.

Benefits of Turmeric

Natural Anti-inflammatory – It’s so powerful that it matches the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs, without the side effects. Turmeric contains curcumin, which is a polyphenol. Polyphenols are organic chemicals that have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Curcumins chemical compound in turmeric, combine with vitamins and minerals that support the body’s natural processes of fighting inflammation, is one of turmeric’s greatest health benefits.

Antioxidant – Curcumin one natures best, Turmeric has 4 to 8 times stronger anti-oxidant that vitamin E and is 10 times more effective than Vitamin C. The antioxidant powers of turmeric benefit the body in a number of ways by controlling the levels of the reactive and dangerous free radicals.

Improves brain function – It increases the growth of new neurons and fights various degenerative processes in your brain, the curcumin in turmeric can increase brain levels of BDNF(Brain derived neurotrophic factor). It may also improve memory and make you smarter.

Used for arthritis Patients – Given that curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory compound, it makes sense that it may help with arthritis and with rheumatoid arthritis, in some cases curcumin is even more effective than an anti-inflammatory drug without the side effects.

Anti-depressant – Boosting BNDF levels, curcumin can boost the brain neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. People with depression showed that curcumin was as effective as Prozac in alleviating symptoms of the condition. A chemical found in turmeric, reduces depression symptoms in people already using an anti-depressant.

Anti-aging properties – Reducing damage from free radicals is one of the most effective ways to slow down aging. That’s because excess free radicals help create unhealthy aging pathways. Calorie restriction mimetics and antioxidants in turmeric can help by stimulating natural defenses, neutralizing free radicals, slowing aging down.

The unique chemical composition of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals provide the body with:

~ Preventative Hair Loss.

~ Balancing Hormone levels.

~ Promoting Proper digestion.

~ Protection against illness and disease.

~ Destruction of chronic disease cells within the brain and body.

~ Prevention of the development of serious illness and disease.

~ Boosting of immunity.

~ Cleansing of the liver.

~ Promoting Fat Loss.

~ Lowering risk of heart disease.

Safety & Side Effects

Turmeric is likely safe when taken by mouth or applied to the skin appropriately for up to 8 months. It usually does not cause significant side effects but some people can experience stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, or diarrhea.

Do not exceed more than 1500 mg twice daily total of 3000 mg daily but I recommend taking 1500 mg daily. Follow dosages on products label to avoid over dosing on any supplements.

Special Precautions

Gallbladder Problems ~ This can make gallbladder problems worse. Do not use turmeric if you have gallstones or a bile duct obstruction.

Bleeding Problems ~ Taking turmeric might slow blood clotting. This might increase the risk of bruising and bleeding in people with bleeding disorders.

Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding ~ During pregnancy and while breast-feeding, turmeric is likely safe when taken by mouth in amounts commonly found in food. However, turmeric is likely unsafe when taken by mouth in medicinal amounts during pregnancy. It might promote a menstrual period or stimulate the uterus, putting the pregnancy at risk.

Do not take medicinal amounts of turmeric if you are pregnant. There is not enough information to rate the safety of medicinal amounts of turmeric during breast-feeding. It will be best not to use it.

A Stomach Disorder called Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) ~ Turmeric can cause stomach upset in some people. It might make stomach problems such as GERD worse. Do not take turmeric if it worsens symptoms of GERD.

Diabetes ~ Curcumin is a chemical in turmeric that might decrease blood sugar in people with diabetes. Use with caution in people with diabetes as it might make blood sugar too low.

Iron DeficiencyTaking high amounts of turmeric might prevent the absorption of iron. Turmeric should be used with caution in people with iron deficiency, again, never over do supplements period.

Infertility ~ Turmeric might lower your testosterone levels, decreasing sperm movement when taken by mouth by men. This might reduce fertility. Turmeric should be used cautiously by couples who are trying to have a baby.

Surgery ~ Turmeric might slow blood clotting. It might cause extra bleeding during and after surgeries. Stop using turmeric at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.



Thanks to all these properties, turmeric has now been integrated into natural treatment remedies for common and chronic condition usages.

One key thing to remember here is that turmeric is not like normal medicine we take which we take when we actually feel sick. For benefiting from its anti-oxidant properties it should be taken on a daily basis.

Turmeric is the popular super food that is taking the health community by storm. With a wide range of medicinal properties and health benefits, it’s easy to see why professionals and studies have indicated that turmeric is a breakthrough in super foods.

The Turmeric Plus formula, consisting of BioPerine® and turmeric extract may assist with weight loss, supporting healthy blood pressure control, supporting a healthy inflammatory response, and also produce potential cognitive benefits.


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Ginger is another superfood root extremely popular. Some of ginger’s benefits include support for digestive health, antioxidant effects, and also weight control properties. Much like turmeric, ginger also helps to provide a healthy response to inflammation



Turmeric is a very well known spice that many people already take for arthritis, pain, inflammation, brain health and many other health issues.  Turmeric is a plant that has a very long history of medicinal use, dating back nearly 4000 years.

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